ADP RUN Review 2023: Details, Pricing, & Features

ADP RUN Review

ADP RUN is among the top listed payroll software. Here we will have a complete review of its features, its pros and cons, and its pricing. To know more about ADP RUN Review have a look at this article. This is a modern world of science and technology where almost every manual task is replaced by machines and robots.

So why do our accountants and HR officers do such huge calculations manually or by using free paycheck calculator? To facilitate them and to remove any kind of bias we are introduced to many payroll software that winded up the work of days in hours.

ADP RUN is among the top listed payroll software. Here we will have a complete review of its features, its pros and cons, and its pricing. To know more about ADP RUN have a look at this article.

ADP RUN Review: What Is ADP RUN?         

ADP RUN is a payroll service available for all businesses no matter what is their size. Its main part is there to deal with various large organizations, whereas its RUN service is planned for startups and small firms having no more than 50 employees. ADP Run aids the payroll that has U.S.-based employees. It offers automated tax filing and reporting, including optional benefits.

How ADP RUN Works?

ADP RUN is a internet-based payroll software, it automatically files the taxes and generates the payslips and paychecks of your employees by tracking their working hours. It requires a minimum of 50 employees to start payroll for small businesses, up to 999 employees for medium-sized businesses, and 1000+ employees for larger firms.

Employees can also log in to payroll software on their phones and keep an eye on their salaries, deductions, and bonuses. ADP RUN also offers various benefits including retirement plans, health insurance, worker’s compensations, and much more mentioned below.

Pricing Of ADP RUN

ADP RUN plans are a bit difficult to get without the consultation of a sales representative, as he will guide you according to your company’s requirements. The basic payroll-only level starts at $59 per month + $4   per employee. An additional cost is charged for the other benefits. In total ADP RUN costs too much to handle but you can request the software representative for free trials or low initial rates. Following are the subscription plans that ADP offers

1. Essential: 

Direct deposit payroll, a self-service for employees and freshers. Other benefits include retirement plans, workers’ compensation, health insurance, and tax form filing.

2. Enhanced:  

Along with basic payroll electronic check signing, background checks, and unemployment insurance are included in this plan, while other features are the add-ons.

3. Complete:   

Apart from payroll features, HR features including, training, document management, and employee handbook and toolkits are offered in it. Other features can also be added with extra charges.

4. HR Pro:  

Other than payroll and HR it also supports personalized HR and training.

Features Of ADP RUN

Time tracking: 

 This feature of ADP helps you track the in and out timing of your employees directly by this platform. The time tracking feature is an addition to any ADP RUN plan.

Taxes and Compliance: 

ADP RUN has a unique feature of automatically generating and paying the taxes for the company as well as their employees but charges extra cost for this feature. It can also file W-2s and generates copies for employees.


Like other payroll software, ADP RUN also has a feature of integration using which you can automatically synchronize and keep the record of your payrolls. It can integrate with any software including Xero, creative solution, wave and QuickBooks.

Direct Debit Card: 

ADP RUN also gives an option to the employees to get a direct debit card that is managed by the software and is automatically loaded by direct deposit. Employees can have easy access to their paychecks by using a debit card. They can also deposit money on the card through other digital sources.

Benefits Of ADP RUN:

benefits of ADP RUN are actually the add-ons to any plan, these include

Retirement Plan

ADP RUN offers a retirement plan for workers. It can be purchased by an in-house broker through ADP and can be managed by the payroll platform.

Worker’s Compensation

ADP has an option of pay-as-you-go, by using this you can purchase worker’s compensation insurance via ADP affiliate insurance company.

Health Insurance

Health insurance can also be purchased through ADP RUN and the benefits can be managed by using the payroll software.

Drawbacks Of ADP RUN

The major drawback of ADP RUN software is its pricing which causes lots of companies to look for other software. You cannot handle the cost which would be charged to you according to your needs without informing the sales representative. It is really time-consuming for small firms to run their business. Understanding ADP RUN’s pricing is a difficult task as it changes over time and fresh deals with new pricing emerge.

Simple payroll for employeesVarious add-ons according to one’s need
Automated tax filingAdditional charges for other benefits
Various add ons according to one’s needCharges extra cost for tax form filing
Customized dealsHigh prices

Comparison Of ADP RUN With Other Payrolls

 ADP RUNGusto Paychex Flex
Starting Price$59/month + per person rate + fees for add-on features$40/month + per person rate based on plan$39/month + per person rate based on company needs
PayrollDirect deposit or check delivery for employees, contractors (with at least one W2 employee), automatic filing and reporting for payroll taxesAutomated payroll, direct deposit for employees and contractors, online pay stubs, automatic filing and reporting for payroll taxesPayroll with direct deposit or in-house printed checks for employees and contractors, self-service portal. Option to add on filing and reporting for payroll taxes.
Benefits administrationAdd-on features for retirement, health insurance and workers’ compAdminister health, wellness, retirement, transportation, housing and custom benefits 

ADP RUN For Your Business

The largest payroll service provider in the world, ADP, offers its RUN service for small business solutions as a logical extension of the services it offers to Fortune 500 firms, medium to large-sized organizations, and other businesses.

If you want a customizable payroll service platform with an individual solution search from a customer support person, the service can be ideal for your company. a large-sized wonderful match for a small business that anticipates expansion since, should your organization expand over 50 employees, moving to ADP enterprise systems will be simple.

ADP is not for you if you desire a ready-to-use solution that can be used right away. Startups and internet firms that move quickly and are scrappy are better suited for a more contemporary platform like Gusto.


What is RUN in ADP?

ADP RUN is a payroll software with administrative and HR benefits for starting new businesses and supports small firms.

How much does RUN by ADP cost?

The basic payroll plan starts from $59 per month + $4 per employee. While the other benefits are add-ons.

Which payroll software is best?

The best software is the one which suits your business according to its size and requirements. There are many payroll software offering various deals according to one’s needs. These payrolls include ADP RUN, Square, Gusto, Paychex Flex and so many others.


ADP RUN is an amazing payroll software having so many features. It is among the world’s best payroll platforms providing easy access to employees. For now, the only drawback seen in ADP RUN is its pricing as except for the basic payroll feature all the other benefits can only be availed by paying an extra cost.